A Slight Expansion- Moving Forward.

“Articles on Cinema and Art,” so reads the tagline of Unearthing Cinema.

While I most definitely began this site in an attempt to showcase film reviews, anyone reading regularly would likely notice a change in some of the content.

For I had most definitely grown tired of simply writing standard reviews. I have, in recent years, even grown to resent (possibly despise) the archetypal rating system. I feel many critics and aspiring critics put so much effort into their reviews only for them to be (albeit inadvertently) undermined by fairweather readers who will do nothing more than look at the rating, and judge the work (or the critic) based on that, not caring how such conclusions were reached in the first place.

For that reason, one change I made is the doing-away of my Ebert-style rating system one of the first things I did.

But I digress. Another thing I grew tired of was writing exclusively reviews, so I began writing on new topics, still within film culture, such as an article on the Academy Awards and another on the latter half of Bela Tarr’s body of work in an attempt to write things more analytical than critical.

However I would continue this desire to expand, hence the recent tagline for the site, “Articles on Cinema and Art.” As implied, this site will, although it began as and will likely still predominantly act as, a film-article site, it will also contain writings on other art forms, such as music, literature, and theater.

As always, these articles, having been written by myself, will be my personally perspectives and takes. And, like everyone else, my knowledge and tastes range and fluctuate from topic to topic.

Nevertheless, there will be one singular consistency in that I will always remain respectful toward the medium in which I am writing about, and shall not undermine the ideas or tastes of others or efforted in the endeavors I write about.

-JCE, 2021

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